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Granby St

Granby St is a street in Liverpool 8 postal district.  In fact when we talk about it we are talking about 4 streets.  Its near to Toxteth where there were riots in the 1980’s.  The area had been declining for … Continue reading

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One thing we have learnt this week – how many trees does it take to save the planet

How many trees does it take to save the planet?  This is a question I’ve been asking myself for a while as I have a developing interest in re-wilding.  I was going to try to find some data to do … Continue reading

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The joys and lessons of commuting with a bike

I’ve spent two weeks on holiday and two weeks on a course hence the lack of posts on FB and the blog.  The course required commuting.  It was near enough to my mum to allow me to stay with her … Continue reading

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