Renewable Olympics

Couldn’t resist a post related to the Olympics. On channel4 news at their spot at the Olympics site a number of vertical axis wind turbines can be seen behind the news anchor whizzing round (for the most part). One wasn’t turning tonight and the others were. Wind turbines in cities really don’t work well. We have one close to us here. There are times when its windy and its not turning and other times when its not very windy and it is. Its all to do with wind direction I think. In some directions the wind’s power is dissipated by obstacles. Apparently they were considering a really big one at London 2012 but dropped the idea. I can understand them not going for PV since they would be stuck with a load of modules you couldn’t sell. Only new kit for feed-in tariff, although this does have the advantage you cannot steal PV modules since there is no second hand market. They have at least made the right choice of vertical axis turbines which are unaffected by wind direction change.

If there was Olympics for renewables deployment Germany would surely get gold. Their renewables output has hit a new record due to PV installation.

A final thought how are we going to have an Olympics without oil? Answers on a postcard please.


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