Swap and share

Last night our Connect group (home-group) held its swap and share evening. Di had worked out how it would work and to you do need some ground rules.  This is how it worked for us (very successfully).

  • No one was forced to bring anything but were encouraged to bring two things.
  • If you didn’t bring anything you could still take stuff away.
  • All the things people brought were placed on a red blanket so that no one walked off with the telly etc.!
  • We had a meal which we normally do on this Thursday in the month.  During this people were encouraged to have a look and write down two things they wanted.
  • After the meal we met together took our two things and then you could take anything you wanted.  We read a passage of scripture prayed and thought about what we would do for lent.   The remainder of our stuff that wasn’t taken we will give to a charity shop

Intentional living is something the group has started to think about in the last few weeks.  What does it mean to live Christian fellowship in the 21st century in a potential age of scarcity?  This is a small but meaningful way of being less materialistic and fits in well with lent.


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