The little green book

The little green book is new from a new publisher called “Wide Margin” books who published “Carnival Kingdom” which I will be reviewing soon.  This tiny book is written as a response to the state the planet is in as a call to environmental action.  The author Dr Jonathan Ingleby starts by giving a bit of background to as he sees it the main environmental problem of climate change (although the oil running out is mentioned) and then spends a large part of the pamphlet detaining the excuses we make to do nothing and a response to these excuses.  These are all as true about climate change as of peak oil or any other environmental area and each objection is skilfully demolished.  Ingleby’s conclusion is we need a new economy and that new economy is the kingdom of God.  This is an original and interesting response to climate change and one I would like to see expanded to a book.

The last part of the book is made up of a green checklist drawn up by Kevin and Ros Durrant.  This covers all areas of the environment and has some great suggestions.  This is a great purchase for those Christians who are just starting to think about the environment.  It would make a great companion to our book for home-group study.


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