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The weather has been unseasonably cold.  More like April than May.   This has led to some people getting a bit confused between climate and weather…  The sceptics have said for many years that warming has stopped (land temperatures).  First this is not true.  They cherry pick data, picking out hot years such as 1998.  They also concentrate on recent data.  This ignores a long term trend.  As a scientist you always need to have a maximum amount of data to make a judgement not just over ten years worth, ignoring that which went inconveniently before.  Whilst it does seem to be accepted that the land temperature increase has slowed down, but it has not stopped.  Second, it ignores the warming trend of the oceans this is where most of the energy is going since most of the sun’s energy falls on water.  We can see this effect on the Arctic sea ice which is possibly having some very bad effects on our weather in the Northern Hemisphere.  Lastly it ignores acidification of the Oceans which has very bad environmental effects and on glaciers which are still melting (see  But as we wrote in our book there are other reasons to break our addiction to fossil fuels apart from climate anyway.  For more background see…

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