One thing we have learnt this week

cropped PVAnother warning from OFGEM  about energy security warning that the lights might go out has hit the news over the last 24 hours.  What we wrote in the first paragraph of our book does not seem so far fetched now.


The modern world is not perfect, but if you were born in a developed country sometime in the last sixty years, it is likely that you have experienced a rising standard of living, with increasing comfort and convenience. Yet we only need to look back a few generations to see how much has changed, and how much we take for granted. We flick a switch, assuming that electricity will be there to light up the bulb. We expect to be able to travel long distances quickly, in comfort and at reasonable cost. We think nothing of sitting down to a meal whose ingredients have been transported across the globe to our table. These things and many more besides have become basic expectations for most in the developed world – and as Christians living within a modern, developed country we share them. While we may bow our heads and give thanks for God’s provision at the start of a meal, in most other ways we take the conveniences of modern life for granted.

Why this is happening is because almost all the coal and nuclear plants will be closed by 2016.  How likely is it?  Difficult to say, the press is saying that the government will pay intensive energy users (industry) to shut-down and National grid would be given powers to bring mothballed plant on-line.

How can you help?  Move into an energy conservation mode.  For example LED’s are expensive but cost effective and the light is now just like an incandescent bulb.  Consider not only saving energy  but “producing” your own using PV’s, wind (in the country) or hydro (if you are really lucky and have access to water).  Finally as a warning to American readers of this blog.  Don’t get complacent about your own energy supplies from shale.  We did with the North sea.  In energy terms its here one minute and gone the next.  The days of cheap energy are over, this will affect Christians and churches as much as anyone else.  Further details can be found in our book.

Further details can be found about OFGEM’s concerns here.


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