One thing we have learnt this week- heat wave

One thing we have learnt this week is that we are in a heat wave.  Last summer whilst the US baked in a drought it rained and rained here.  When I want away last year and returned everything in the garden had been in stasis.  Nothing had grown for two weeks.  This year could not be more different.  Plants had tripled in size.  Tomatoes (indoors) had gone from flower to ripe in 6 weeks.

At the same time the weather we are basking in has a number of implications.  Our weather is affected by the jet stream and this is becoming increasingly erratic and is slowing down.  This may have something to do with the Arctic sea ice melting in Summer (i.e. climate change).  If this is the case we can look forward to increasingly extreme summers. This heat wave has already lead to more deaths (old people dying of heat) and younger ones drowning by cooling off in old quarries (as has happened this week).  We  are also a rush to buy air con systems which will stretch our electricity supply still further.  One the plus side we can expect a rush of people having solar panels fitted to their houses.  Food security is affected too.  After last years terrible harvests due to rain some types of crops will still be affected by lack of water and the heat such as root vegetables (berries, Apples and salad crops have done really well though).

So the extreme weather is something we will have adapt very carefully and thoughtfully to.



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