One thing we have learnt this week about fracking and GM

One thing we have learnt this week is that politicians hopes and plans regarding fracking and GM do not always succeed…  Recently in the UK the government has been hoping that they could push GM crops again.  Some polls at least suggest that the public has softened its opposition.  Part of the sell of course was jobs.  But yesterday Monsanto announced it was pulling the plug on its planned GM crops in the EU.  Of course Monsanto is not the only company involved but it does give an indication of the way things are going with too much opposition in the EU. (Although its not illegal some GM crops are grown in Spain and Portugal.)  As we blogged here GM is not the answer to peak oil.  In addition the government announced tax breaks for fracking.  It clearly hoped the promise of lower energy prices, jobs and a large bribe (actually not that large) for communities affected would swing the rural public in favour of this energy source.

Not at Balcombe it hasn’t!  A well organised protest has been going on over-night from yesterday.  Like GM fracking is not the answer to peak oil either.  Its strange as this crisis develops how many magic bullets we have gone through.  Biofuels, nuclear, electric cars and now fracking (through all this period energy prices have increased).  At Balcombe they are after shale oil and only have a month before their planning permission runs out.  Here’s hoping the protesters can stop them.  Our ebook available on the 2oth of August has updated sections on shale oil and gas.  Buy a copy!


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