The season of mellow fruitfulness is a good time to think about energy efficiency

blackcurrant leaf

blackcurrant leaf

Autumn is upon us. The season of mellow fruitfulness is a good time to think about energy efficiency as the nights draw in (in the northern hemisphere at least).

Here are some suggestions from our book which contains plenty more.  Please feel free to post any other energy efficiency ideas you might have thought of.

  • “Use energy-efficient lights, and  switch them off when not required. Compact fluorescent bulbs are good, but LED light
    fittings (though a little more expensive to buy) use even less
  • “Draught-proof doors, windows and the loft hatch (easy to
    forget this last one; stick insulating boards on the (upper) loft
    side of it as well).”
  • “Close curtains or shutters at sunset to retain heat.”
  • “Floors are another area of heat loss. There are various methods
    of insulating floors, such as sticking insulating boards or glass-wool
    insulation up between the floor joists (with netting to hold it up
    in the latter case).”

This Autumn amongst the energy efficiency ideas I’m considering are;

Have another look at my floors, which I have difficulty accessing.  However, I have managed to stick some insulation onto the underside of the hall floor.  I will also try and add a bit more insulation to the loft hatch and buy some more LED light bulbs.  We are expecting more energy price rises so apart from stewardship of our planet this makes economic sense too.


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