One thing we have learnt this week – National Climate Assessment

eco-congregationI wonder if the National Climate Assessment a report published by some of America’s leading Scientists will be enough to change sceptics minds, especially I’m sad to say many Christians?

The National Climate Assessment says following;

The observed warming and other climatic changes are triggering wide-ranging impacts in every region of our country and throughout our economy. Some of these changes can be beneficial over the short run, such as a longer growing season in some regions and a longer shipping season on the Great Lakes. But many more are detrimental, largely because our society and its infrastructure were designed for the climate that we have had, not the rapidly changing climate we now have and can expect in the future. In addition, climate change does not occur in isolation. Rather, it is superimposed on other stresses, which combine to create new challenges.

Stresses such as peak oil and rising population I would add that will put huge stress on our food system.

What has changed very recently in the Scientific community is the realisation that the effects of the changing climate is being seen now, not in 20 years time.  In the UK we have seen this dramatically over the last 6 months with some of the worst weather we have seen in winter.

In the US the National Climate Assessment says amongst the effects that are being seen are the drought in California and flooding due to rising sea levels in Virginia and Florida.  In the North East and Mid-West there have been changes in the rainfall patterns with very heavy downpours.  The North East has seen a 70% rise in such events over the last 60 years. (I should add here we were getting such events here in Scotland about 7 years ago, but they seem to have almost stopped now).

Going forward the kind of figures being bandied around for flooding damage in the National Climate Assessment report look insurable, they are huge in Florida alone.  More fires, worse air quality, droughts, floods and lower crop output are all going to be an everyday reality.  Not all Christians are sceptics though and there is some hope with US emissions falling.  A few of us yesterday from church had a meeting and decided to reboot our eco-congregation group.  Lets just hope Obama turns down Keystone XL….


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