New Year resolutions

1357600133Its customary at this time of year to make some New Year resolutions.  I’ve never been a great one for this to be honest, but I think its time with the big climate talks taking place this year to make some eco resolutions.  In our book we split up stuff you could do to prepare for a post oil world into a number of areas.  These were energy, transport, food and chemicals (basically material goods) at three different levels.


Most readers of this blog or our book will have an interest in reducing their energy usage and made huge strides in this direction.  New Year resolutions in this area include continuing to reduce electricity usage.  One way of doing this is by LED’s.  My electricity consumption has fallen throughout 2014 thanks to installation of more LED’s and a very efficient CF (with rapid warm-up and incandescent style light).  At the moment its frustrating since there are no 100W equivalent LED’s on the market but I will continue looking.  I am planning to buy 3 more very efficient high power CF’s soon.  Our natural gas consumption is still rising after reaching a low a few years ago.  I’ve done most of the easy stuff on insulation and one very recent difficult and time consuming specialist bit which I will put up a blog post on.  There is one bit of roof which needs to have its insulation sorted out and laid neatly between the rafters etc.  That I will do.


The next of the New Year resolutions relates to transport.  This is a more difficult one for me.  My wife has to have a car for work.  I don’t and rarely use it.   I mainly cycle, walk and don’t fly.   There are occasions when I have used the car when I could have cycled, so I suppose my pledge for this year is to do so as little as possible.


Another difficult of the New Year resolutions…  We can recycle a lot and do but cutting usage we have found difficult.  Our waste bins for non-recyclable waste are being reduced in size this year so hopefully that will help reduce our waste.


As I have blogged before measuring your energy use and carbon emissions from this is quite easy, its all the stuff we buy that’s more difficult to gauge.  The main of my New Year resolutions of this year is going to be on food.  This is partly because Andy, I and one other are writing a book on food.  Its been a bit of an epic saga but hopefully it will come to fruition this year.  Since I wrote this I have trying to cut our meat consumption.  Not easy, but I will continue.  I am now making all our own bread and will attempt to grow as much as can in our vegetable patch.  The last few years have been good to us on this part with good to great crops of homegrown fruit or vegetables.  I will continue to try to cook as much as locally grown fresh food as possible.

Other stuff

I’m going to more on twitter and am considering going to Paris for the UN climate talks (easy to get to by train).  I’m going to make a small nest for solitary bees and do some grafting onto my apple tree.  You got any tips or ideas -please feel free to post.


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