TV chief goes solar

last subsistance lunchTV chief goes solar.  For those of you don’t know Delia Smith is one of our top TV chiefs.  She is also a Christian.  Its just come to light that she has installed solar panels at her house in the county.  In the renewable energy and climate sceptic Daily Mail no less that put a pro solar video on its webpage below the story.

Delia is its fair to say one of the older TV chiefs.  She has been on TV since the 1970’s but for middle class people her recipe books are almost like the bible.  In our household we use one of them all the time.

As to why she has done it she said.

It may seem a drop in the ocean – but then the ocean is made up of little drops, and we would encourage anyone who can to do the same.

I think anyone who really reflects on the problem would want to play a part and do anything they could to avoid the inevitable catastrophes ahead. Certainly the only effective way to do this is if everyone is together.

Could it be that this very influential TV chief will cause a solar panel boom as she has for various bits of kitchen equipment and foodstuffs?  Maybe this won’t change the world but at the moment seems a a modest good news story.

Full story here.


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