One thing we have learnt this week UK energy lobby group changes direction

2013-07-13 19.28.08In what could be a very significant move the main energy lobby group in the UK (UK Energy) has changed direction on its renewables stance.  Up until now the lobby group which represents all the “big six” suppliers has been regarded as a bit of a dinosaur with its defence of big fossil fuel powered central generation.  A sort of “you leave generating electricity to us” stance.  However its just produced a report that embraces renewables.

The new head Lawrence Slade said “It would be quite a sensible thing to have an Energiewende [Germany’s plan to move to a majority of renewable energy sources] but the emphasis would have to be on our own version not a direct cut and paste.”

The lobby group also see energy storage as being vital, solar PV and other distributed forms of generation being massive.  Energy UK see PV being at grid parity (at least up the garden path) in a few years.  They see demand management using energy efficiency and smart grids as a means of managing the peaks and troughs of renewables production.  they support the phase out of coal fired power stations and the lobby group also has concerns over the cuts to renewables support since the election.  The lobby group also thinks energy storage from batteries is going to be enormous, the only debate on being how soon do the economics add up.  What a turn around and bizarrely that leaves the government and almost everyone else going in different directions.


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