Flying cars and other stuff

Moller_Skycar_M400I heard an article on flying cars on the news yesterday morning.  It started off with a news report from 1949 so the concept has been around since at least then.  I’m not an engineer or physicist but they spoke to someone who was.  There are a number of problems with this concept I’m glad to say.

The first is that flying cars would have to take off vertically to be practical (otherwise they will be confined to airports which limits their usefulness).  This take-off would be extremely noisy so our expert said, somewhere between the noise levels of a harrier jump jet and a helicopter.  Unacceptable in urban areas.  The second problem is that this vertical take would take a lot of fuel.  Then there are safety concerns although the expert thought they would not have to learn to fly, I do due to emergencies (this also raises issues with driverless cars in the long term)

This got me thinking about delivery drones.  These will obviously have to take off and land vertically.  One of the questions I have raised about delivery drones is will vans worth of drones delivering individual items be more energy efficient than a van going around with the same number of items?  I am more confident it would not be and that is one more reason to oppose this stupidity.


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