Sunny Scotland

954838_204501379701698_1765426126_nMay led to a sunny Scotland according to the WWF.  So much so that they reckon that Renewable energy records were broken here (with the help of windpower).  WWF think that those with PV systems in all the major Scottish cities provided the equivalent of over 100% of their electricity needs and 90% of their hot water needs if they have solar hot water systems.

For those with a PV system this meant average import consumption and a 3kWp PV system.  We have had a very sunny Scotland in May with lots of sun and almost no rain.  But since I have a smaller total installed capacity than above then I cannot claim that my system provided so much of my needs.  I would firmly state that our SHW system did almost all of our hot water needs in May.  One big surprise from this data is how well the PV systems in Lerwick were thought to have done with much higher output than elsewhere.  I can only assume this is because the Shetlands have much longer days at this time of year and the northern Isles are much cooler which makes PV systems much more efficient.  The difference was striking 430kWh versus less than 400kWh in most other places (only Dundee came close with 420kWh).  All in all another positive reason to invest in renewables.  Ironically written on a day when we received 84mm of rain in 48 hours (it rained for this long) which was an entire months worth for June.  (Badly needed the rain though.)  Despite this there were points were we were exporting to the grid.


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