One thing we have learnt this week – clean energy growth strategy

0008So much energy related news this week but the most important appears to be the UK’s clean energy growth strategy.  Today there has been movement on the on-off energy price cap.  This probably won’t work but if it did the danger it would allow users to use more energy.  The only way to get the users to use less energy unfortunately is to make it more expensive.  The obvious answer of course is conservation then the struggling householders use less energy in the first place.  This to a certain extent has been happening its reckoned the average bill would be hundreds of pounds bigger without the efficiency measures that have taken place.  At the same time as the energy price cap the government has announced an overarching climate change strategy.

The main points are;

  • Money for research into new ways of conserving heat in buildings.
  • An ambition to insulate 1 million buildings a year up to grade C by 2030.
  • Encourage electric vehicles with charging points and subsidies.
  • Turn off coal power by 2025 (technically renouncement).
  • A lot more off shore wind power.
  • Work towards our ambition for zero avoidable waste by 2050
  • Plant 11 million trees in England and utilise more in construction.
  • No mention of fracking (so the government is not relying on this).

What I like about the clean energy growth strategy.

A realisation that a prosperous economy and tackling climate change and energy security go together.  No mention of fracking or carbon capture and storage.

What I don’t like about it.

The ridiculous nuclear power chimera.  Ignoring on shore wind (very cheap) and tidal power which would do base load.  Its very expensive at the moment but way off shore wind costa have fallen make me think that with support this could rapidly change.  A lot of the stuff are re-announcements and getting people to do energy efficiency at home and work is very difficult.

The full strategy can be seen here.


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