One thing we have learnt this week – food waste

2015-11-25 14.09.04There is good news on food waste this week.  The supermarkets are going to use green satsumas.  Or at least the skins are green.  The insides are a normal orange colour but the skins have not gone orange due recent warm weather in Spain.

Is this the start of realism from the supermarkets on food waste?  I  hope so.  Worldwide about a third of all food produced is wasted.  In the developing world this at the production end.  In the developed world at the consumer/supermarket end.

I have recently been to a TEARFUND event on this issue at my church.  In our book we suggested that 25% of the UK’s gas could come from biogas.  The problem is much of this relies on food waste to produce it and there are very good reasons to cut down on food waste not least to do with tackling climate change.  So whilst I’m slightly split on the issue I’m more convinced we need to tackle the problem.  We will see whether the supermarkets simply felt they had no choice here (it was green or nothing) or whether this is the start of a move towards selling wonky looking vegetables.  The farmers report that vast numbers of perfectly good to eat but slightly less than perfect fruit and veg is chucked. We will see.


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