One thing we have learnt this week – BP moves into electric vehicles

electric bus island of the monksBP moves into electric vehicles (or charging).  One of the big complaints about the oil companies is that they either ignore the renewables scene, or do token amounts of it.  This week BP has bought the UK’s largest electric car network.  The synergy is obvious.  BP owns (or mostly franchises I believe) thousands of filling stations.   Western governments have all pledged to phase out carbon based transport at some point.

Its another change of direction back towards greenery for BP (following a more minor one last year).   BP once called itself under Lord Brown “Beyond Petroleum”.  When he went so did the last pretence of “greenwash”.  The solar panels business was closed or sold.  At one time it was the largest in the world.  I have BP modules.  BP does own some wind assets in the US but apart from that is focused almost entirely from oil.  They have also however moved back into solar buying a solar park developer.

The deal will see the rolling out of 1200 rapid charging points at filling stations nationwide.  These are the only practical way of dealing with charging cars at filling stations. At the moment UK sales of pure electric cars are very low.  Range anxiety and the number of charging points being the reason for the slow uptake.   Is this greenwash, BP hedging its bets or hard headed business decision?  I think BP cannot ignore green energy.  BP moves into electric vehicles, but only time will tell if this is some kind of green epiphany.


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