One thing we have learnt this week – does “no wind” matter?

walney 1 and 2Does “no wind” matter at least in summer?  Are our summers getting calmer?  The UK’s renewable data has been released this week.  It shows surprise surprise we had a calm summer with little wind.  We had lots of hot still weather with lots of solar output.  But this did not make up for the lack of wind.  Most solar installations are small and most wind installations very large.  This has been an exceptional summer.  The question is with climate change will it become the norm?  I don’t know.  But with our having barely having scratched the surface of potential solar installations calm conditions in summer could be a benefit.  One potential problem as we have covered before on this blog is what to do with excess power.   The UK is building masses of new inter-connectors but will the rest of Europe want our power in summer?   Possibly not.  In principle climate could make the atmosphere more disordered meaning more wind (not always a good thing).

Does “no wind” matter?  I’m sure that’s one question we should answer, the next question I would want to ask is solar output falling.  I have raised this question before on this blog.  Certainly my solar output seems to be in long term decline (just had a terrible August worst ever) which the great summer does not make up for.  Again this fits in with climate change as you would expect more water vapour to end up in the atmosphere.  What we need is plenty (but not excessive) wind in winter when there is little in the way of solar output.


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