Coals to eco homes! to eco homes!  An old coal fired power station in the West Midlands is to be transformed into an eco village of 2000 homes.  This coal fired power station that closed in 2016 is one I recognise.  Its not so far from where I grew up.  I even went on a Youth For Christ camp within sight of it. The homes will be powered by solar PV modules both on top of their roofs and elsewhere even floating on a lake.  They will be heated by ground source heat pumps and will use 30% less energy than conventional houses.  The French firm Engie that owns the site is doing it to move beyond traditional dirty energy.

Coals to eco homes is a worthy sounding project.  Taking an ugly coal powered plant down and replacing it with houses will probably face little objections locally.   Old power stations seem a good way to deal with the housing shortage.  There are a whole heap of such power stations that have closed recently in the Trent Valley where housing could be built.  There are some questions though.  How cheap will these houses be?  And will they be fitted as described?  2000 heat pumps use a lot of juice and the grid may require reinforcement locally.  One question is why are houses not being built to passiv house standards which would require no heat?  The bigger picture is that all over the world coal fired power plants are closing.  This seems unstoppable even in America.


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