One thing we have learnt this week – Greta Thunberg is to sail across the Atlantic

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Greta Thunberg is to sail across the Atlantic to a UN climate conferences in the US and Chile.  The yacht is owned by a German property developer, Gerhard Senft and built for the Vendée Global race.  Greta will not be travelling in any kind of luxury.  The boat doesn’t even have a toilet.  There is some kind of bucket apparently.  There is no shower and the eight PV modules and turbine on the hull purely power the ship electronics, so no internet.  There is no fridge and a basic camping cooker.  Greta her father and the others going with her will have to crew.  Apparently they do not have much sailing experience.  The trip will take about 2 weeks.  She has still to work out how she will get to Chile.

I’m surprised the boat is quite so basic, the boat above which belongs to a friend has a shower and a toilet along with a fridge and built in cooker.  The small wind turbine keeps the batteries charged the great majority of the time although it does have a diesel engine.  I can only assume the Malizia is purely built for speed and all the above is purely regarded as something that slows it down.

News Corp’s Andrew Bolt in Australia has attacked both Greta and the decision to sail to America.  But hey if you cannot win the argument attack the messenger…

Of course all this does raise a big issue.  In a post oil world intercontinental travel is going to be very very difficult and time consuming.   Greta considered all sorts of other options but decided cruise ships had too higher emissions.  I assume she thought freighters which often do allow a limited number of passengers the same.  Greta Thunberg is to sail across the Atlantic to a heroines welcome from various campaigners and I’m really jealous I would love to sail across to America.


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