No beef with Goldsmiths

last subsistance lunchGoldsmith’s college part the University of London has decided there will be no beef with any of their meals served in the student refectory any more.  Of course the right wing press got hold of it and painted it as a bunch of liberal snowflakes banning stuff.

There are several important points to make about this story though.  The first is that its not just about banning some kinds of meat, or serving no beef with meals.  The change is one part of a number of eco measures.  These include switching to renewable electricity, installing onsite renewables, ditching as much plastic as is humanly possible and divesting from fossil fuel investments.

The second point to make is that it sends a signal that we have to cut our meat consumption and that beef does indeed have very high carbon emissions.  The last point to make is that lots of small changes can add up to whole lot.  This is something the environmental movement used to poo poo saying that government needed to take action.  I used to think so too.  The problem of climate change and resource depletion seems so large that small changes in and of themselves were pointless.  In actual fact they are not.   If millions of people do so they add up to a lot.  In addition they create markets for products and give permission for people to think in a certain way and lastly they drive governments to make changes.  So I say well done Goldsmiths for setting an example.



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