red phone repurposing

red phonebox repurposingIn today’s paper there have been two separate articles on repurposing.  The first was on women repurposing their wedding dresses.  One example was a woman who became a minister making hers into a stoal.  My wife borrowed her dress off a friend.  Enough said on that one.

The other repurposing article was on the use of the old fashioned but classic British red phone box.   This was designed by Giles Gilbert Scott in the 1930’s and was voted the greatest British design ever in 2015.  Lets not exaggerate.  They were not very practical.  The doors were heavy and they were frequently used as toilets (see a number of “Not the Nine O’clock News” sketches for reference.  Nevertheless whilst there are a surprising 10,000 left, they are under threat and its good to see that people are coming up with alternative uses.  BT allow people to adopt them and people are doing just that.  The one above was one I came across on the Isle of Man.  A bookswap.  But many other uses have been found.

Other uses include, a place for defibrillators, libraries, kiosk shops, repair shops, art galleries, museums, pubs and nightclubs.  Just about any use you can think of.  Repurposing them stands against the current mania for throwing something away as does reusing your bridal dress.


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