One thing we have learnt this week – climate strikes

I’ve just returned from one of the global climate strikes on the Edinburgh meadows.  I almost burst into tears when I got there.   I was in an age minority.  The majority of people there were still at school or were university students.  So many people turned up that the march took an hour to get going.  As the primary schools closed for the day their pupils and parents started turning up.  I’ve been banging on about climate change for over 20 years and at last there seems to be some hope at the 11th hour.

Its always been important to get the young involved since its more their future than ours.  As one sad placard stated “you’ll die of old age-  I’ll die of climate change”.   But its not been easy to get them interested until Greta sat down and refused to go to school until something was done about it.  That, extinction rebellion and the heatwaves in the US and Europe in 2018 seem to mean that some kind of Rubicon has been crossed.

There’s still a long way to go of course but the climate strikes do seem be cutting through and should give permission to Governments to move faster.  Lets hope and pray so anyway.

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