Recycling yes but not this way

Recycling yes but not this way.  That’s what I thought when I watched report on Channel4 news tonight from Idlib.  I’ve seen some terrible things in my time on the TV but especially since the Syrian war started but children scratching a living in a rubbish dump has to be the worst.  Yes- there are children doing this all over the world.  But there is something truly disturbing about this happening in Syria since you know its not about poverty per se but caused by a war that seems to be without end.  The kids that are scratching a living and yes they are recycling, are doing so because of a war.  No other reason.   They have never been to school and have only known war.  Despite all privations they seemed really happy which made it even worse.

In scratching a living they did seem to be recycling some of the commonly recycled low hanging fruit such as cans, but surely not this way.  The most disturbing thing in the film was how old they looked as well as them eating rotten food they found in the dump (which was heaving with flies.  One of the most heart rending things I’ve seen for ages.What to do?  Donate to Syrian charities.  These kids should be at school the oldest was only 14. Recycling yes but not this way.

The full video can be seen here.


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