Could the Heathrow decision stop a lot more?

1024px-CAR_FREE_HIGHWAY_ON_SUNDAY_FILLED_WITH_BIKERS_IN_TOKYOCould the Heathrow decision stop a lot more?  There is an article in today’s Guardian by George Monbiot suggesting the legal decision taken last week could be far more significant than we first thought.  The decision last week was presaged on the fact that the go ahead for a third runway took no account of the Paris climate change agreement now signed into law as a UK commitment.  The problem for government is nothing else does either.  Governments of all parties have cynically talked about 2050 in the hope that the problem is someone else’s.  This politically and environmentally will no longer do.

The legal decision now gives campaigners the tools to stop all sorts of other stuff from going ahead.  In campaigners sights are new road building projects, HS2 and new fossil fuel projects.  George Monbiot is part of a group aiming for the last one.   But you could think of myriad other targets.  The subject of a post two weeks ago.  New schools being built without any taking any account of climate change…  Hinkley C massive piles of concrete and the uranium mining as we argued in our book is both energy intensive and getting more so.  How about your councils transport policy?

Could the Heathrow decision stop a lot more? The only limit is money and organisations to take this stuff on.  You can contribute money via a link from that above.


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