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One thing we have learnt this week – greens shortage

The UK is suffering a greens shortage.  This has been so far a bit of a middle class crisis and no more.  First the news was full of a shortage of courgettes (zucchini) but since has expanded to lettuce.  The … Continue reading

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In praise of pulses

Having grown up in Madagascar, I have plenty of time for pulses. You could buy a dozen varieties on the local markets, all lined up in baskets and sold by the tin-full. There was a wide range of colours and … Continue reading

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“treeconomics” -trees are good for you

Urban trees are good for your health and wellbeing but could have unrecognised monetary value called “treeconomics” as well.  There are a number of factors which could contribute to treeconomics in urban areas.  The first is the effect on pollution.  … Continue reading

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New Year resolutions

Its customary at this time of year to make some New Year resolutions.  I’ve never been a great one for this to be honest, but I think its time with the big climate talks taking place this year to make … Continue reading

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Christian Climate change deniers

It was bound to happen, with only a year to go to the vital Paris climate change talks Christian Climate change deniers are on the march.  The Cornwall alliance (the name sounds so cuddly) have issued a ten point manifesto … Continue reading

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Harvest festival time

Its harvest festival time and as we have covered on this blog before just as food security is becoming more important less and less churches have harvest festivals.  My church has not had a harvest festival this year. This is … Continue reading

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