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The Clangers

The Clangers was (and is in its new incarnation) a British animated stop go animated children’s series.  It involves small pink creatures formed of wool that live on a bleak moon down burrows, eating blue string pudding and a green … Continue reading

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One thing we have learnt this week – Power to the people

Power to the people- not the cry of “Citizen Smith” (look it up), but a programme on BBC4 this week following SSE energy over a year.  Scottish and Southern Energy is one of the “big six”, its ex now retired … Continue reading

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Peak oil and end times theology

A few weeks ago the film “Left Behind” came out, this and my daily readings set me thinking again about peak oil and end times theology.  As we wrote in our book; “Some churches and Christians, it seems particularly in … Continue reading

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Aftermath: World Without Oil

I recently was looking for music videos and found a documentary made in 2010 which looks at peak oil (quite out of place in that section of the well known video site).  It does so from the unusual and extreme … Continue reading

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Andy interviewed

Andy is interviewed in this video by Valerie Comer about why Christians are disinterested in the environment. The quality is mostly OK (it was recorded on Skype).

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Chasing ice -update

I didn’t know a review of a film on climate change could be so popular! The “Chasing ice” review has been far and away our most popular blog post. We’ve had literally hundreds of views over the last 24 hours. … Continue reading

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