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One thing we have learnt this week – High speed rail is controversial

High speed rail is controversial.  Yes we’re back to rail again, this time as fast as possible. At the moment in the UK HS2 is in the news – a lot.  The costs have escalated throughout the project and are … Continue reading

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The joys and lessons of commuting with a bike

I’ve spent two weeks on holiday and two weeks on a course hence the lack of posts on FB and the blog.  The course required commuting.  It was near enough to my mum to allow me to stay with her … Continue reading

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Electrified railways a short history

In the last post I had a quick look at the controversy over electrified railways in the north of England but the history of electrification is both interesting and meshes quite well with the ethos of this site.  The first … Continue reading

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Reopening railway lines

One of the most exciting developments in transport is reopening railway lines.  The Beeching cuts that I have blogged on before were planned to cut most of the UK’s rail capacity.  Beeching (an engineer) in the end managed to close … Continue reading

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