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Sustainable Aviation?

Yesterday a coalition of British airlines, airports and manufacturers called “Sustainable Aviation” announced they would go “net” zero by you guessed it – 2050.  Why is it 2050?  Probably because its so far off it will be someone else’s problem.   … Continue reading

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Air passengers may have to a pay carbon offset tax.

Air passengers may have to pay a carbon offset tax.  “Failing Grayling” the soon to be gone transport minister? is consulting on some kind of carbon offset tax on transport.  Although air travel is mentioned at the top of the … Continue reading

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Ryanair pollutes as much as coal fired power stations

Ryanair pollutes as much as coal fired power stations.  The data comes from the EU emissions trading scheme registry.   Ryanair’s flights in Europe are in the top 10 emitters.  The 9 above are coal fired power stations.  Ryanair pollutes … Continue reading

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Ionic wind powered flight

I read an interesting news report on ionic wind powered flight this week.  I like most people have never heard of such a thing.  I was going to do a blog on a report on hard to cut carbon intensive … Continue reading

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