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Renewable Olympics

Couldn’t resist a post related to the Olympics. On channel4 news at their spot at the Olympics site a number of vertical axis wind turbines can be seen behind the news anchor whizzing round (for the most part). One wasn’t … Continue reading

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Big news on climate change

Managed to drag myself away from the Olympics for a few minutes… No its still real (climate change that is) and carbon dioxide levels in the Atmosphere are not falling.  But there has been some good news.  A group called … Continue reading

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Being ordinary

My wife is reading a book called “Everyday God” by Paula Gooder.  I’ve only glanced at it so far but I do intend to read it.  Her thesis seems to be that we don’t celebrate the ordinary enough and run … Continue reading

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Politics, energy, wind and hot air

I’ve got to check the proofs of the typeset book before printing so this will be a brief post but I couldn’t let today’s announcement on wind go without comment. It looks like the UK chancellor’s interference in the energy … Continue reading

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solar PV and seagull poo

On Saturday my new PV system modules had seagull poo on them (nothing else produces that much).  I climbed on the shed roof and cleaned it off.  By Monday they had done even more.  It was due to rain and … Continue reading

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Energy storage

In a previous posts I have raised the real issue of how to balance renewable electricity from different renewable resources.   One way of doing this, perhaps the best way, is to store electricity.  The ways of doing this directly are … Continue reading

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carbon emissions

The other day I was working on my Carbon emissions data. Unfortunately one member of my family is flying a long distance this year.  Looking at the data for our energy and transport use we as a family are putting … Continue reading

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Renewable energy data

The other day I came across this.  The UK governments quarterly energy data for 2012 has shown record renewable energy production.  There was lots of wind, lots of rain and even solar power shows up with sufficient capacity to be … Continue reading

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Thoughts on electricity production in the future

The other week we had a small group leaders meal at our house and the weather was actually good enough to sit outside.  Conversation turned to our Solar PV panels that were in view.  I mentioned that on the 28th … Continue reading

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