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Gas prices

A lot happening today and this story is of international importance. This is something we touched on at Greenbelt and in our book. I’ve never thought shale gas is going to be the game-changer that some people think it is. … Continue reading

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wind power

Wind power study says opponents’ claims are unfounded see here. I don’t suppose anyone is going to shift anyone’s position. But talking of wind power (and other renewables) Orkney is doing really well powering itself using micro-renewables especially wind. Of … Continue reading

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GB addendum

Forgot to say we sang “Give me oil in our lamp” at the beginning of the meeting and everyone present joined in with great gusto.  However, what Andy had also worked out was that it fits with the theme tune … Continue reading

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Greenbelt 2012 was a challenging experience in many ways due to the weather.  In addition our launch was on the Monday.  Both these factors may have reduced the numbers attending, but as the photos suggest the numbers weren’t bad considering. … Continue reading

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Greenbelt 2012

Just got back from the book launch.  I will fill in the details when I have recovered.  Meanwhile here is a picture of the man- Bruce Cockburn. What was depressing about it was thinking that I remember it being played … Continue reading

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If we are to cope with climate change we need a new moral order

Great blog by Andrew Brown at the Guardian today on whether we need to apply the moral obligation of religion to tackling climate change. For once many of the comments left are quite intelligent as well. I’m not going to … Continue reading

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Reading list

I posted earlier about my wife reading “Everyday God” by Paula Gooder, I said I was going to read it and I am using it in my own studies.  I have also read a short book by Maggie Dawn “The … Continue reading

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About our book

Our book “No oil in the lamp Fuel, faith and the energy crisis” goes on sale on the 2oth of August.  We are having a book launch at Greenbelt on the 27th August 11am at Eden.  I have to be … Continue reading

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George Monbiot on the food crisis

George Monbiot has entered the food versus biofuels debate. George blames rising food prices on the biofuels industry.  I largely agree (for what its worth) that biofuels are a disaster (with the possible exception of 2nd generation biofuels) in some … Continue reading

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Food again

Food prices are leaping again. There are mixture of reasons, man made climate change induced crazy weather leading to drought in the US. But also the oil price is very high and moving upwards again. A sign of times to … Continue reading

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