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Guardian books sells “No oil in the lamp”

Guardian books sells our book. I’m so surprised I had to post this. Neil

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In praise of wood-burners

The Guardian newspaper has three editorials in the newsprint edition everyday.  Two of these are on global/local events from political perspective.  The other is a positive one on something or someone (in praise of…).  Last week it was on  “In … Continue reading

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book sales

The book sales are picking up again.  Thanks to all have bought it.  If you want to buy it you can order it on-line from most on-line booksellers, but why not order it direct from our publisher DLT or at … Continue reading

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Carbon emissions 2012

Earlier on in the year I reported on my carbon emissions for 2012. This as the earlier post indicated are only those due to transport and energy. They do not relate to those due to food and consumer goods. This … Continue reading

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One thing we have learnt this week

The annual richfest at Davos is on and here is a link to a video which is worth watching of some of the Guardian’s coverage. Apparently the circular economy is big at Davos this year. Why this is is not … Continue reading

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enoughfoodIF campaign

The enoughfood if campaign has been launched, details can be found here. This was referred to in a previous post and is an attempt by about 100 organisations to tackle global hunger. Neil

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Shrinking the footprint

I monitor both my churches energy use and I my own on a regular basis by the means of spreadsheets and meter readings.  Obviously I do mine myself (every week on a Sunday evening).  The churches’ are sent to me … Continue reading

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Apple Day

A few weeks back, when autumn hadn’t yet turned into winter, we held an “Apple Day” in our village. The celebration of what is seen as our national fruit was instituted by the charity Common Ground in 1990, and now … Continue reading

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Welcome to new visitors!

Visits to the blog have exploded in number during the last week from all over the world.  You are welcome and we hope you will return.  In the meanwhile we hope you find what we have written interesting and feel … Continue reading

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Moores law and the Swanson effect

Some of you may have heard of “Moore’s Law” named after Gordon Moore who in 1965 predicted in a paper that the number of components on an integrated circuit would double every 2 years for at least 10 years (based … Continue reading

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