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Greenhouse data 2012

The provisional greenhouse figures for 2012 have just been released by DECC. The figures are disappointing despite what will be a record year for renewable energy production.   Greenhouse gases as a total increased 3.5% year on year over 2011 … Continue reading

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Warning from UK Government’s top scientist

Britain is currently experiencing an unusually extended winter, with an icy Siberian blast bringing record snow falls to many areas, and temperatures hovering around freezing over most of the country.  It’s a marked contrast to last year, when we were … Continue reading

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One thing we have learnt this week

As the Chancellor pursues his obsession with Shale gas in the budget, most ominously stating that planning rules would be relaxed for fracking, the full implications of the UK’s dependency on natural gas for both heating its homes and electricity … Continue reading

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Windpower thoughts from our book

“In some ways it is difficult to think of renewable energy causing moral concerns for Christians.  But even with a non-polluting energy source there are still issues we need to consider.  No energy system can be made without causing some … Continue reading

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Food growing update

Spring has sprung, at least it appears that way at least some of the time between the dumps of snow.  The daffodils are struggling up and leaves coming into bud.  Over the last month my attention has started to turn … Continue reading

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Choices to Change Your World

Guest post by Valerie Comer Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the state of the planet? You turn on the television news, and poverty peers back at you. Read the paper, and terrorism attacks from the pages. Check your twitter … Continue reading

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New economics

“Part of the problem in trying to critique the conventional economic view is that it is very dominant and few people work outside its current strictures. However, the growing realisation that climate change might threaten this world view has led … Continue reading

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One thing we have learnt this week

I have just found this article which anyone who thinks nuclear power might be a good idea might like to read first.  A secret French report on the cost of cleaning up after a nuclear disaster at a reactor in … Continue reading

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Fracking in the UK

On Wednesdays Guardian G2 cover there was a picture of the valley showing the church my grandparents attended in rural Somerset.  It was actually an advert for “Visit England” encouraging tourism to North Somerset.  How ironic then to read elsewhere … Continue reading

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book excerpt

Having looked at the actions we can take individually to prepare for a lean energy future, in this chapter we look at what our church communities could do. Our experience is that the issues explored in this book are not … Continue reading

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