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neonicotinoids and oil

There has been a fuss in Europe over the last week or so over the use of a class of pesticides called neonicotinoids.  These have just been banned due to concerns by the EU over their effect on insects, particularly … Continue reading

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Can organic farming feed the world?

This is a question that comes up on a regular basis in any discussion about organic farming – and its a good question.  The usual assumption is that this is a rhetorical question – of course it can’t!  How could … Continue reading

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One thing we have learnt this week

I was going to write something about GM which has been in the news with two or three small stories this week.  However, a post Andy has written will go up tomorrow and this has some relevance to that debate … Continue reading

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Is it possible to run an economy on renewables?

Today I read that Portugal produced 70% of its energy from renewables in the 1st quarter.  This is a dramatic increase.  Is it possible to run a modern developed economy totally on renewable resources as its set up today?  We … Continue reading

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“In 2012 the Royal Society published a report “People and the planet” which looks at the whole area of sustainability, natural ecosystems, finite resources and economic growth.  It makes a number of general recommendations which fit in with much of … Continue reading

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Valerie on food and faith

Check out Valerie Comer’s blog for an interesting look at food and faith.

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One thing we have learnt this week

Is what’s left of our oil and gas overvalued?  This is what Nicolas Stern and others (even analysts from HSBC seem to agree) think.  The theory goes that the world will act on climate change accept that it cannot burn … Continue reading

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The little green book

The little green book is new from a new publisher called “Wide Margin” books who published “Carnival Kingdom” which I will be reviewing soon.  This tiny book is written as a response to the state the planet is in as … Continue reading

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Musing out loud

This blog is mentioned as a link worth reading on a blog by Brad Brookins. We are honoured and will put a link up to his blog which is worth checking out. He seems to be a pastor and farmer. … Continue reading

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Book excerpt

“There is nothing that unites a group of people more than working together on a shared and urgent task.” Rev. George Macleod, founder of the Iona community Having looked at the actions we can take individually to prepare for a … Continue reading

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