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Could wind power the world?

Could wind power the world?  That’s the claim made in a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA).  The IEA got Imperial College London to do the analysis.  They reckon that that offshore wind could meet more than 18 … Continue reading

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Save the Whale, save the planet?

Save the Whale, save the planet?  This is the bizarre claim that I read the other day.  For many people saving the Whale was the first environmental campaign they came across (Yes “Don’t kill the Whale” and all that).  Could … Continue reading

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Recycling yes but not this way

  Recycling yes but not this way.  That’s what I thought when I watched report on Channel4 news tonight from Idlib.  I’ve seen some terrible things in my time on the TV but especially since the Syrian war started but … Continue reading

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One thing we have learnt this week – ski energy plant

The   The Danes go in for lots of decentralised heat and power.  This means lots of CHP power plants in the middle of cities.   These are from what I have seen of them pretty subtle attractive looking pieces of architecture.  … Continue reading

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eco cycling holiday

Part of the reason I haven’t posted so much recently is we went on an eco cycling holiday.  This involved train and ferry travel and a private hire minibus.  The holiday?  To cycle from one end of the outer Hebrides … Continue reading

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