One thing we have learnt this week – ebook

Our ebook “No oil in the lamp” is on sale in kindle format.NO OIL ebook  The partial updated ebook comes out at an interesting time with constant talk of fracking in the media, but also indications just in the news today that the higher price of energy in the UK is starting to make people use less.  This as we have blogged before on this website is happening with car use, with petrol and diesel sales consistently falling for several years now.

These are encouraging signs but we still face an epic task, vital if we are to switch away from fossil fuels whilst conserving our climate.  We would commend the book to you for you to start exploring this issue from a Christian perspective.

As Ian Marchant said in his forward;

Against the background of some debate about peak oil in energy
circles, there is a distinct and deafening silence from the wider
Christian community and therefore a lack of a Biblical perspective
on this vital issue. In No Oil in the Lamp Neil and Andy have
tackled this gap head on.

By the way don’t want to buy a kindle but want to read ebooks?  I’ve just discovered there is a free phone app for all platforms.


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