One thing we have learnt this week – C of E and fracking

One thing we have learnt this week is the Church of England has a confused attitude to fracking. It doesn’t want to rule it out due to fuel poverty. According to the Guardian the church denies this is due to the church commissioners wanting to invest in fracking.  (For those who are not Anglicans the church commissioners are a branch of the civil service that invest money on the Church’s behalf.  In actual fact the church has very little say how its money is invested). If the commissioners are going invest money in fracking it looks like being a very poor investment judging all the trouble at Balcombe.
Meanwhile the bishop of Chichester has said the entire debate needs to be more challenging.  He said;

The debate behind the fracking protest needs to be more challenging.  We should be asking deeper questions about our own lifestyle today.  How much less can we demand from the earth and still live rich and fulfilled lives?  What investment should we be making in alternative uses of our resources that will benefit future generations?

A valid point that the church would do well to remember.  In addition I would question whether it will bring down natural gas costs.  More likely it will lock us into ever spiralling gas prices as well as having detrimental effects on climate change and the world’s poorest. I would suggest the church needs to get its act together here before the drilling rigs start arriving in its parishioners back yards.  They are not going to be happy.

Justin Welby has a copy of our book “No oil in the lamp”, lets hope he reads it.  Our book is now available in Kobo format.  This post is a day early since we are off to Greenbelt.


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