One thing we have learnt this week – house built from recycled waste

04There is a house in Brighton that is being built almost totally from recycled waste.  This includes (and this is what really caught my eye), toothbrushes.  As they write on their projects website;

After a steady dribble of old toothbrushes over the last four months or so FREEGLE‘s Cat Fletcher hit on a huge source via Gatwick Airport. Cat discovered that toothbrushes are given away to every business class & first class passenger flying from Gatwick and all other airports. Therefore there are millions of toothbrushes collected and thrown away after only one use. We took delivery of just over 20,000 of them in one hit and filled 1.5 of our wall cassettes just like that! The toothbrushes were kindly collected, diverted from the waste stream and delivered to us by MNH Sustainable Cabin“.

The architect Duncan Baker-Brown worked with Kevin McCloud from the channel 4 programme “Grand Designs” on an ecological house in 2008.  This new building seems to go one further.  In our book we wrote on materials;

As we wrote in an earlier chapter, one of the biggest problems is
our dependence on oil to make ‘stuff’, principally plastics but also
chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The replacement of these products
with alternatives derived from natural materials relies on scientific
research which has (worryingly) barely started, so actions in this area
are more limited. However, as we believe we will all have to do with
less than now, there are habits to be formed.

What a great idea to build a house out of toothbrushes, this certainly goes some way beyond limited actions!  Click the image above for the link to more details about the project.  Don’t forget our lent guide available here… No oil in the lamp – Lent guide


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