Recycling and consuming at once!

Edinburgh council is great at recycling, but you need to make an effort. We kept missing the weekly recycling pick up, our boxes got broken or stolen and we were angry they were thinking about picking up rubbish every 2 weeks – how would we cope. All the supermarkets produce so much ‘stuff’ around their products there is loads to put somewhere, and we found going to the tip regularly too much work and as we were never organised enough to get the right box out at the right time for the Council pick-up, had to think about something else. So we bought two nice (very big) plastic boxes to go next to our bins, a bit like horse feed boxes – and labelled them with what we could and couldn’t put in them. Once the kids got the hang of it they led the way – challenging everything that went into “normal” rubbish that we didn’t think about recycling. We now take these with us every week to the supermarket and have started a habit which is not too onerous and recycles most of what we can – not perfect but significant and we have halved our “normal” rubbish. Now the council has gone to a pick-up of general rubbish every 2 weeks we can manage this easily and recycling has become “normal”.


Guest blog by a member of my church – this is the second of a short series

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  1. admin says:

    Thanks for you interesting post Eclipse Now, we have a few readers in Australia. Having followed the link I assume you mean the surface temperature of the sun? I personally think we should reduce, reuse, recycle. We need to design reuse into products, but in reality peak oil will mean less “stuff”, partly because almost all “stuff” has plastic in it or is oil dependent in other ways. I personally don’t feel this will do as any harm in most cases…

  2. admin says:

    Edinburgh council has not been very successful this week at picking up our rubbish. Presently all our bins are overflowing and the bins for the tenements are full so that bin bags are all over the pavement. Non-recyclable rubbish collections are now every two weeks, which is a good idea to increase recycling rates, but if they are going to do this they have to turn up reliably when they are supposed to. Unfortunately this shows how much we cannot recycle.

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