One thing we have learnt this week – Bonn climate talks

2015-11-26 12.35.23It was two years ago I went with a group of Christians by bike to Paris.  This year the follow-up COP23 talks are being held in Bonn.  After the failure of Copenhagen I personally didn’t set off with high hopes.  The agreement reached at the climate talks was much stronger than any of us hoped for.  However it left a few things out.  The first of these how governments reach their pledged targets or any process for checking that they are meeting this pledge.  Another thing is about deforestation and in particular the input and land rights of indigenous peoples.   One of the biggest emitters of carbon is agriculture and forestry.  One of the easiest ways to stop climate change is to protect forests.  The COP is edging towards towards the input of native peoples.  2015-11-27 18.02.01

It is also important to hold countries to come forward with increased pledges since at the moment the current ones will not meet a 2°C target.  On the good news front the renewables/battery/electric cars situation has changed massively for the better since 2015 climate talks.  The price of all these is plunging and making them increasingly the logical economic choice and an unstoppable force.  We cannot however be complacent so pray for these talks.


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