One thing we have learnt this week – ski energy plant

The   The Danes go in for lots of decentralised heat and power.  This means lots of CHP power plants in the middle of cities.   These are from what I have seen of them pretty subtle attractive looking pieces of architecture.  But a ski energy plant?!  The firm of architects BIG was given the contract to design a new one in Copenhagen.  This plant uses waste which is not the most eco friendly of ideas, except when there is no other way of disposing of it.

The idea behind the plant was clearly to have some other use other than just as an energy plant.  BIG thought about the use the wasteland they were building on was put to.  This included a watersking park! and go-karting.  However BIG realised that the for practical reasons the plant had to have one end low and the other high.  It was this that made them come up with the idea of a ski energy plant.  Its a dry artificial slope as you can see.

BIG have come up with a bright idea.  They wanted somewhere people would visit again and again and they’ve come up with something bright and innovative albeit something that does not totally get away from its industrial use.


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