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Climate gone crazy

Andy did a blog post a few weeks ago on a warning from the UK chief scientist as he retired about the dangers of climate change.  At the weekend there was a very interesting article in the Observer (on our … Continue reading

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Windpower thoughts from our book

“In some ways it is difficult to think of renewable energy causing moral concerns for Christians.  But even with a non-polluting energy source there are still issues we need to consider.  No energy system can be made without causing some … Continue reading

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New economics

“Part of the problem in trying to critique the conventional economic view is that it is very dominant and few people work outside its current strictures. However, the growing realisation that climate change might threaten this world view has led … Continue reading

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book excerpt

Having looked at the actions we can take individually to prepare for a lean energy future, in this chapter we look at what our church communities could do. Our experience is that the issues explored in this book are not … Continue reading

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bookbuying outlets

The Guardian bookshop now sells our book, as does a company called Bulk buy books.  More meaningful posts planned soon…

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Life and Work gives “No oil in the lamp” a good review

“Life and Work” the Church Of Scotland’s magazine has given our book a good review. Neil

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Nuclear costs and build time (second response to criticism of our book)

In the last 8 years in the UK since Tony Blair decided we needed new nuclear power stations almost nothing has happened, except company after company has pulled out of the consortia to build them. This leaves EDF with possibly … Continue reading

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Response to review

Although we’ve had overwhelmingly positive responses to “No oil in the lamp”, any book is going to come in for some criticism. One of the reviews we’ve had is from someone from the World Nuclear Association who did not like … Continue reading

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Buying the book in North America

We have recently become aware that buying our book in North America on Amazon is a little more difficult since you have to go through a third party.  The Book Depository sells Worldwide with free delivery. They are owned by … Continue reading

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Neil has an article in “The Edge”

Neil has written a short article on the background to our book which can be seen here on page 14 if you are interested.

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