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Buying the book in North America

We have recently become aware that buying our book in North America on Amazon is a little more difficult since you have to go through a third party.  The Book Depository sells Worldwide with free delivery. They are owned by … Continue reading

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Book excerpt

“People who spend time thinking about the future come up with a range of scenarios. At the optimistic end of the spectrum is the belief that things will pretty much continue as they have done in our recent experience, with … Continue reading

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Unrealistic expectations?

Unrealistic expectations or the future? in this article which covers some of the aftermath of last weeks comments by Alistair Buchanan.  We have covered some of the solutions to the intermittency problem in “No oil in the lamp”.

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About our book

Details of what our book “No oil in the lamp” is about can be found here. More blog posts will follow next week. Neil

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One thing we have learnt this week

We are facing steep power increases in the UK over the next few years as old coal, gas and oil powered plants go off line. Off course what Buchanan didn’t mention is that gas is a duel fuel used not … Continue reading

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Neil has an article in “The Edge”

Neil has written a short article on the background to our book which can be seen here on page 14 if you are interested.

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Energy and crisis

Rarely can a book have had so much free publicity in such a short time as “No oil in the lamp” has over the last few days.  Alistair Buchanan the head of OFGEM gave speech stating the UK faces a … Continue reading

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The good life

I was sad to hear of Richard Briers death yesterday.  Although I was a bit too young to watch the “Good life” when it first came out I grew up watching some of the latter series and repeats.  For our … Continue reading

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Keystone XL pipeline

Over the last few months the internet has been full of activity over the Keystone XL pipeline.  Here is some brief background on the project from a new book “Carnival Kingdom Biblical Justice for Global Communities“. “Over the last year … Continue reading

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Visit the Facebook page

Loads more stuff up there.   More posts will follow here in the next few days. Neil

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