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Cycling- the answer to peak oil?

The first thing to say is no its not.  As we made implicit (if not explicit) in our book there is no single answer to peak oil.  Is it part of the answer?  For sure.  Transport is without doubt the … Continue reading

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The good life

I was sad to hear of Richard Briers death yesterday.  Although I was a bit too young to watch the “Good life” when it first came out I grew up watching some of the latter series and repeats.  For our … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy

Things are not great on the Eastern seaboard of the US thanks to “Sandy”. Whilst individual events cannot be directly related to climate change, this is the type of event that we would expect to happen. There is also a … Continue reading

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Well done Totnes

Just a quick post.  I’m working on a longer book review.  Totnes has seen off Costa Coffee.  Costa got “Change of use” but decided not to go ahead with opening a Coffee outlet in the town.  Totnes has 41 independent … Continue reading

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BBC cover rise in food prices

The BBC has covered rising food prices on the Radio 4 today programme. I’m not sure whether you can listen to this clip outside the UK (I would be interested to know-leave a comment). Two of the interviewees (one from … Continue reading

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Bring back harvest festival

“The earth is the LORD’S, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” (Psalm 24:1) It was with some excitement I set off for church yesterday on my push-bike in glorious autumn sunshine, my church was … Continue reading

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