Renewable heat

The blog has been a bit quiet over the last few days since we have been away for a short break at a cottage owned by someone at church in the Scottish borders (surely one of the most beautiful areas in the world).  We had a mixed time due to illness. Of relevance to this blog, however, was how effective the wood-burning stove was at heating the hot-water and two radiators upstairs.  Both the radiators and the hot-water tank were some distance from the stove and the pipes between them were not lagged.  Both the water and radiators became scorching hot in time.  The process required a pump due to the distances concerned.  I’ve been to stay in this house before many times and not found it so effective before.  The reason was my friends have built a wood store and the wood was dry this time.  As covered before on this blog and in our book unfortunately due to the sheer volume of wood required (I know!) this form of renewable heat is not going to be the solution to natural gas depletion in the UK (or probably the US).  Although we hope it can make a contribution.  Countries like Canada or Sweden may be different.  Nearly a million wood-burners are being fitted in the UK every year at the moment due to high gas prices and whilst at the moment I can find scrap wood very easily in the city where I live, this era maybe coming to an end…

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