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UK record wind output

The UK had record windpower output this morning. Not surprised, really windy here in Edinburgh. Neil

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Energy security and government

President Obama has made comments as part of the US election campaign saying climate change was not a hoax. Good. But this got me thinking about what’s going behind the scenes as far as energy security is concerned. Does the … Continue reading

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Brief milk update

A few weeks ago I posted that against my better judgement I had agreed to buy some local milk off a local dairy company. Things have worked out fine so far, we buy 2L a week of semi-skimmed from them … Continue reading

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Guest blog on consumerism

This is a guest blog entry from Mark Powley author of “Consumer Detox” taken from breathe by permission. Consumerism has given us many globally recognisable shapes. Creative types might think instantly of iconic design profiles: the figurine coke bottle, the … Continue reading

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Dallas is back!

Everyone’s favourite super-soap from the 1980s is on our screens again – with a re-boot which brings a whole new generation of Ewings into the heady mix of intrigue, power, sex and oil. I never saw much of the original … Continue reading

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Third runway u-turn the case against.

The UK government in its wisdom is preparing for a u-turn over airport expansion in SE England. I think a few points need to made here, referring to some articles in today’s print edition of the guardian. This whole issue … Continue reading

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Urban gardening taken to a new level.

I’ve just returned from the Paralympics and I slept on the floor of someone I was in the CU with 30 years ago who lives in a mixed part of London. He’s organised the people in his flat to grow … Continue reading

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Background information for the book

We had a word limit with our publisher and breached it several times. We therefore have various bits of background information that didn’t make it in. Here is the full church transport survey results and the remainder will follow.  Feel … Continue reading

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Food prices

Interesting well argued article by Larry Elliot about rising food prices in today’s Guardian.

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