Background information for the book

We had a word limit with our publisher and breached it several times. We therefore have various bits of background information that didn’t make it in. Here is the full church transport survey results and the remainder will follow.  Feel free to use it in your church if you want and adapt it. The basic finding was unsurprising that attendees of the early traditional service use the car the most (as a %), the family service come second and the evening service with lower numbers but a high proportion of students has the lowest % of people getting there by car. One problem the early service suffers from is that although the bus service in Edinburgh is very good, many buses are not yet running at the time needed on a Sunday to get people there in time. It is however true peak oil will be a real challenge from this point of view for my church.  Hope someone finds the below useful.

church transport survey in word format

transport survey in writer format

church transport survey in pdf format


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