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Chasing ice -update

I didn’t know a review of a film on climate change could be so popular! The “Chasing ice” review has been far and away our most popular blog post. We’ve had literally hundreds of views over the last 24 hours. … Continue reading

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Added map

I’ve added a map which shows where visitors are coming from. Click on the visitor map page. Clicking on visitor map viewer opens up a new window with all sorts of options. Blue dots are those servers searching the web, … Continue reading

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Energy prices

The Guardian has just reported another energy giant is raising prices.  The oil price is at $115/barrel with the world economy on the brink of collapse.  As Ian Marchant put it in the forward to our book “prices have become … Continue reading

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BBC cover rise in food prices

The BBC has covered rising food prices on the Radio 4 today programme. I’m not sure whether you can listen to this clip outside the UK (I would be interested to know-leave a comment). Two of the interviewees (one from … Continue reading

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“Chasing Ice” part 2.

In “Chasing ice” part 1. I described the experience of powering a film albeit partially and on smallish screen… But what of the film itself? Luckily even when cycling I was able to watch and listen to it. So here … Continue reading

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buying the book

An increasing number of people are asking where they can buy the book.   The answer is almost all on-line booksellers stock it. Neil

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solar going strong

We are having an “Indian summer” in October here in Scotland and we are still getting decent amounts of solar hot water. I had a very warm shower late morning with no gas input at all. We had extra sockets … Continue reading

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Bradford Cathedral goes solar

“Bradford cathedral” has installed a solar array. One of the clergy involved was one of my ministers (a long time ago) and was at our book launch at Greenbelt. Well done everyone. Neil

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Shrinking the footprint

This “site” (shrinking the footprint)is worth checking out. Their Facebook page has some videos on creation care with both the Archbishop of Westminster and Canterbury weighing in. Which just shows you despite doctrinal differences we can unite on the issues … Continue reading

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Extra jumper extra duvet

When the massive hike in energy bills came through we struggled to reduce costs – we shopped around, got fixed rates, serviced the boiler, bled the radiators, minimised the on-time for central heating, got some draught excluders and still the … Continue reading

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