Extra jumper extra duvet

When the massive hike in energy bills came through we struggled to reduce costs – we shopped around, got fixed rates, serviced the boiler, bled the radiators, minimised the on-time for central heating, got some draught excluders and still the bills went up.  How could we consume less, we had a big family, big house and it was cold.  We had a long conversation with the kids and found that when they came in and it was cold they warmed the whole house by turning the heating on.  How else can they get warm – how about an extra jumper?  We did buy everyone a new jumper but agreed that we would all resort to that first – and then only if still cold we would turn the heating on.  Again not a major hardship – we all got something out of it, and our costs reduced (and we are singlehandedly keeping Shetland in production!).  We have also done the same with duvets – saves starting the heating too early or keeping it on at night, and also means we sometimes get a night without intrusion as our little ones are plenty warm enough in their own beds.
Mark  -last of a series of five guest blogs by a member of my church.
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